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Protecting or recovering your identity is no easy task. It requires keeping track of information, following up with all the right agencies if your identity is stolen. Tracking your personal information and staying on top of the risks requires diligent work and keeping up with the latest in magazines, books, worksheets, products, and online resources. These resources help you protect yourself.

FTC: Detect. Deter. Defend.
The Federal Trade Commission provides information on how to prevent and report identity theft.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Identity Theft Resources
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has collected a group of resources concerning identity theft. Whether you're a victim or just trying to protect yourself, there's something here to help you.

New Rules for Getting a New SSN and Card
Getting a new Social Security Number is not easy. If you need one, however, this guide from the Social Security Administration should help you through the process.

Identity Theft Resources from ScamBusters
ScamBusters.org has put together a good list of identity theft resources, including information on the hottest scams on the Web.

ITAC Sentinel
Product Review: ITAC Sentinel

Product Review: IDWatchdog

Product Review: TrustedID

Identity Shift
Identity Shift, by Allison Cerra and Christina James, takes a deeper look into how self-perception and personal identity are being increasingly impacted by technology.

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