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Reporting Identity Theft

When you're recovering your identity, it's hard to know what to do first. Contacting the right agencies, as quickly as possible makes all the difference when it comes to stopping criminals. Learn who to contact and how to reach the people and agencies that can help you recover your identity.

Zombies Stole My Wallet
If zombies steal your wallet or purse, you may have bigger worries than getting eaten. They may decide they want to be you instead…

How to Report Identity Theft
No matter how you learn about identity theft, reporting it quickly and to the right agencies and companies is essential. These steps will help you quickly begin to regain control of your identity.

The Federal Trade Commission
If you are an identity theft victim, you will end up talking with someone in the FTC. But they do more than collect information – they help consumers fight back against identity theft.

Identity Theft Victim Resources
Although not an exhaustive list of agencies, this article will give identity theft victims a launchpad to getting help with identity theft.

State Bar Associations
Links for all 50 state bar associations.

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