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Recurring Impersonation

Once your identity has been stolen, you run the risk of it happening over and over again, by the same criminal. Learn how to recognize and protect against recurring impersonation. And if you've already been victimized, learn how to stop recurrent identity theft from happening again.

Waking Up to Recurring ID Nightmares
Recurring identity theft is little discussed, but often occurring phenomenon. Once a criminal gets your personal information, he can steal your identity over and over again. This article details the story of Raymond Lorenzo, who was still fighting to maintain control of his own identity 15 years after it was initially stolen from him.

What are Identity Theft Products
Whether you've been victimized by ID theft once, multiple times, or a just worried about identity theft, you need to know what products are available to help. This press release explains some of the options available.

Man Victimized Again and Again
Once you've been victimized by identity theft, the problems just keep coming. This articles tells the story of one man, fighting against crimes he didn't commit.

Identity Theft Victim Tips
Identity theft can sometimes be an ongoing crime. This article offers up tips to protect your identity, even if you're in the middle of the ongoing theft.

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