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Being Proactive in Protecting Your Identity


From high-tech wallets to million-dollar-guarantees, identity theft has created a whole new market in the past few years, and lots of people are getting rich. Before you consider anything else, you should know that it is impossible to prevent identity theft. But you can take some precautions to make yourself less likely to be a victim, and programs are available that can help you recover when you do become a victim.
  1. Identity Protection Programs
  2. Protection Goes High-Tech

Identity Protection Programs

There are literally thousands of sites you can go to if you want to check up on an identity theft protection company, product or program. The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers that most identity theft protection programs tend to be of very limited value. There are exceptions, programs that stand head-and-shoulders above the competition, but how do you figure out which one is worth your money when every company says "We are the BEST at protecting you."

Here you will get the no-nonsense information on what you need to look for when you are evaluating the various identity theft protection programs.

Protection Goes High-Tech

Some people believe that since identity theft has really come of age since the information technology boom in the 1990's, that technology must have the solution to the problem as well. Certainly, some entrepreneurs would like you to believe that.

Some high-tech solutions may work better for you than others. How do you use your money, or your cards? Do you have your cell phone with you at all times? How often you travel? All of this should factor in when you think about using technology to protect yourself from identity theft. And, perhaps, how much money you want to spend...

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