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Identity theft has grown at an astounding rate since the widespread adoption of the Internet. Every day new news appears about incidents of identity theft, new methods of theft, and cutting edge technologies designed to protect your identity. Stay current with the news about identity theft so that you know what's happening and how to protect yourself.
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FACTA Lesson: SouthWest Airlines
SouthWest Airlines will probably survive their FACTA-based lawsuit settlement, but that wouldn't be the case for someone running a small business model.

Could Using Cash Put You in Jail?
The Federal government has a track record of making conflicting laws and policies concerning identity theft and privacy protection. The latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), coupled with terrorist watchdog group JRIC, is just the latest, and most threatening, of these conflicts

Data Breach Highlights for 2011
In 2011 the numbers will tell different stories, depending on which statistic is highlighted. Data breaches were fewer in number than in previous years, but more records were lost per breach than any previous year, as well.

Identity Theft in 2012
Looking into the future, 2012 promises to offer new challenges and changing business models with regards to identity theft.

Gameover - New Identity Theft Scam
Gameover, the latest identity theft scam, will doubtless make big news in 2012. The scheme targets corporate accounts, and uses a multi-layer approach in an attempt to defeat Red Flags Rules.

Citigroup Data Breach
Hackers recently stole information about Citigroup’s customers with a program designed to attack their website using a simple browser. While the company scrambles to fix the problem, there are some disturbing things this data breach brings to light.

Kroll COO Forecasts 2011
Brian Lapidus, Chief Operations Officer for Kroll, weighs in on data security trends for 2011.

Food Banks and Identity Theft
When you’re down on your luck, getting something to eat may have a bigger pricetag than you expect…

Identity Theft in 2011
Looking forward to the next year, Proofpoint fingers mobile GPS location information and social media sites such as Facebook to be bigger concerns.

This news site provides information about identity theft, as well as up to date news and reports. Learn what identity theft risks are highest and how to protect yourself from them every day.

Identity Theft 101 News
Identity Theft 101, updated daily, provides links to current identity theft news.

Identity Theft Press
If you're looking for breaking news about identity theft, this site is the place to find it. The site is updated as headlines are released.

Fight Identity Theft Blog
Keep up with current identity theft scams and protection suggestions on this blog by the folks at the Fight Identity Theft Website.

Identity Theft Resource Center
The Identity Theft Resource Center offers a variety of resources about identity theft protection and recovery including a regularly updated list of active scams.

The "Birther" Conspiracy Theory
As the republican candidates debate sanctity of marriage and foreign policy, President Obama has his own can of worms to wheedle with as the "Birther" conspiracy theories may now keep him off the presidential ballot...

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