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The Basics of Identity Theft


When it comes to identity theft, knowing what you're up against is the best way to protect yourself. Experts agree that (when you're dealing with an identity theft) doing the right things quickly is the key to recovery.
  1. What Is Identity Theft
  2. Money, and More
  3. Online Pitfalls
  4. Other Scams

What Is Identity Theft

Most people think of credit cards and bank accounts when they think of identity theft. It's important to understand the wider range of areas you can become a victim, if you want to protect yourself.

Money, and More

The most important thing to understand about identity theft is that there's more at risk than your finances. Here we explore the various "types" of identity theft, and how they can impact your life.

Online Pitfalls

Experts say without virus protection a computer on the internet will be infected within 14 minutes. Understanding some of the risks when you're online will help you safeguard yourself and your family when you surf the web.

Other Scams

Sometimes a scam is used to obtain identifying information from the victim. This information is worth the most to an identity thief, since it's reliably accurate information.

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