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Identity Theft 101

Everyone needs to understand the basics of identity theft. Identity Theft 101 contains articles that explain the 'who, what, when, and why' of stolen identities. Use this information to increase your understanding of threats presented by identity theft.
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College Identity Theft: A Growing Problem
College students are at high risk for identity theft. To protect themselves, they need to understand what identity theft is, where they are at risk, and what steps to take if they suspect identity theft. All of that information is included in this article.

How It Happens: Identity Theft 101
Identity theft always catches victims by surprise. Knowing how it happens won't stop that surprise, but it will help you to be cautious about how you handle your personal information.

10 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft
Network Security Guide, Tony Bradley, shares 10 short tips for preventing identity theft.

How to Prevent Identity Theft
Eight simple steps for preventing identity theft.

Email and Phone Phishing
e-mail, phishing, harvesters, track emails, forwarding, spam, identity theft, emails

GPS and RFID Make Privacy Almost Impossible
From RFID chips in your credit cards, to social networking sites, information you make public can be used in ways you never even considered.

How Do You Know Someone Stole Your Identity?
Identity thief, stolen identity, someone stole my identity, steals your identity

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