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Web Page Spoofing



Web page spoofing is an activity that hackers use to direct Web site visitors to a Web site that looks like the one they believe they are visiting. The actual site, however, is hosted in a different location, usually for the purpose of gathering personal or confidential information that is used in identity theft.

Spoofed Web sites are often used in conjunction with spoofed emails or phishing emails. The messages contain a link to the site, then when a visitor logs onto the site, they are prompted to provide account information, usernames and passwords, or a Social Security Number or date of birth.

A spoofed Web site appears identical to the Web site that is being copied, although it may have a different URL. However, hackers can also disguise the URL, which makes it very hard to distinguish a spoofed site from the real one.

Also Known As: Hoax Web Sites or Hoax Sites

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