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Business Identity Theft

Many people assume that identity theft is limited to individuals. But in truth, a growing area of identity theft is businesses, particularly small businesses. If you own a small business, it's important to learn why and how to protect your business from identity theft criminals.

Implementing a Data Breach Recovery Plan
Implementing a data breach recovery plan has a lot to do with developing a culture of awareness in the work environment.

How Identity Theft Happens: Small Business is Big Profit
Small businesses often believe they're too small to interest identity thieves, but they're wrong. Identity thieves have an intense interest in small businesses as Jennifer and Rick learned when their small business identity was stolen by a check forgery ring dealing in gray market goods.

Creating a Data Breach Recovery Plan
Small business owners want to ensure they have a data breach recovery plan of some sort as soon as possible, preferably before they even open their doors for business.

Retailers: Savvy Shoppers Want Your Privacy Policy
The best gauge of whether or not a company is proactive with privacy concerns is their privacy policy. If a company doesn't have one, you can feel free to send them a link to this article – and I'll explain it to them for you.

Identity Theft and Protecting Your Business
Small Business: Canada Guide, Susan Ward, shares 10 ways to protect your small business from identity theft. The cost of identity theft to small businesses can be in the billions; these tips are designed to help you protect your business from this type of crime.

Protect Your Business From Phishing Scams
Network Security Guide, Tony Bradley, offers up "Five Simple Steps for Companies to Avoid Being Phishing Victims." In this article, Bradley, details how to protect your company and your customers from one of the most prevalent identity theft scams on the Internet -- phishing.

Identity Theft: Legal Results May Vary
Business identity theft continues to challenge banking relationships, causing ripples across the government pond. But cases that don't go to trial don't set precidents...

Better Business Bureau Online: Identity Theft
Many business owners don't feel threatened by identity theft, but small businesses are increasingly being targeted. This BBB information will help you to understand the threats and learn to protect your business.

Small Business Owners Risk Identity Theft
Not convinced that you should worry about identity theft as a small business owner? This Microsoft article will change your mind. It lays out the dangers of identity theft to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business Owners and Identity Theft
Technically speaking, a business can't be the victim of identity theft. But if you own a business, you should know that an identity theft that happens to you can close your doors for good.

Your Employees and Identity Theft
Most business owners understand there are risks involved with hiring a new employee. The new landscape created by identity theft and the potential of data breach can be a minefield if proper steps are not taken early on.

Identity Theft and Your Customers
Having customers creates special problems, from customer service, loss prevention. If your business is working with some sort of product or service, then it's a good idea to take a look at the different ways identity theft can impact your business.

Identity Theft and Your Tax ID Number
The strangest thing about identity theft is that you don't have to be a person to have it happen. Corporate identity theft (or business identity theft) is a very real concern, whether you are a mega corporation, a mom-and-pop shop, or just run a home-based business.

Business Identity Theft
Statistics say that 90% of all businesses fail during the first five years. Of the 10% that survive, 90% of those fail during the next five years. This is most often because the business owner had not taken into consideration factors that could ruin public perception, or impact his company directly.

Banks Against Businesses
A closer look at judgments handed down in two major cases, (Experi-Metal v. Comerica and Patco v. Ocean Bank) points to a vast difference between the Red Flags Rule, (a regulation that supposedly force banks to protect your money,) and the interpretation of those laws by our courts. Either way, consumers pay the price.

Office Printers and Identity Theft
Businesses scan, print, copy, and fax information all the time. Who would have suspected that the office printer they use is really an identity thief's Trojan horse?

Global Payment Systems Data Breach - 60 Days In Review
An update on how the Global Payment Systems data breach has evolved in the first 2 months.

ID Theft, Business Style
Even businesses suffer from dumpster diving and phishing. This article outlines the threats and how to protect your business.

Data Breach Best Practices
When it comes to responding to a data breach from a company's point of view, guidelines aren't always cut-and-dried. All the government says is that data must be protected and that the company needs to have a process in place to address the eventuality. How that happens is left up to the company itself.

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