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Technical information that may be of use to IT professionals, Information Security Officers, and other C-level executives.

Healthcare Perspective: Interoperability
The concept of national healthcare is that, when I and my family move across the country, we can receive healthcare identical to what we were getting before the move. Guest author Mac McMillan points out that, without interoperability, that's simply not going to happen.

Does Healthcare Need Stronger Oversight?
Medical data security expert Mac McMillan shares some thoughts about the recent CMS report which indicates data breaches were reported according to their own guidelines.

What’s Happening With My Data?
Management of third party vendors is key in the financial world, but when it comes to healthcare, medical data expert Mac McMillan says it's time to start giving the same sort of attention to business partners.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing, or “the Cloud”, is now being marketed to companies as an inexpensive online data storage solution. But with data breaches in the news on a daily bases, data security is a big concern when it comes to those companies putting your personal information somewhere they have no control over.

Virtual LAN Security
An exploration of the concept of VLAN security as it relates to segmenting network traffic by threat/risk level and the all too common practice today of virtualizing everything and labeling it as “secure”.

Compromised Medical Information
While laws are getting better about how your health information must be protected, there is a vast difference between compliance and true protection.

Business Associates Get a Bye
HITECH requires medical providers to protect your patient information. And while the goal is admirable, the compliance audits (announced by the Office of Civil Rights) seem to fall short of the mark, by forgetting a key component of any business model - outsourcing.

3 Lessons Regarding Medical Identity Theft
Guest author Mac McMillan gives us an insiders view of the problems surrounding medical identity theft, what it is, and how it needs to be handled. Companies that must comply with HIPAA and Red Flags will be especially interested in what he has to say.

Healthcare Must Adopt a Security Framework
Guest author Mac McMillan points to the need for a universal security framework guideline that can be adopted by all healthcare organizations to reduce the risk of data breach and medical identity theft.

Does Healthcare Need More Legislation?
Guest author Mac McMillan discusses whether or not more legislation is really what the healthcare industry needs when it comes to privacy and security.

Who Has Your Information?
Guest author Mac McMillan brings us some valuable insight into data security as it relates to medical identity theft, and highlights the idea of "Minimal Necessary" as a guideline for helping organizations determine what information must be shared with whom.

Medical Identity Theft Can Do Real Harm To Your Patients
Medical identity theft, electronic health records, EHR

Data Encryption - Not as Secure as You Thought
Data encryption is the best way to keep your information private online. The NSA has seriously undermined trust in data encryption, though.

Gone Phishing!
phishing scams, responsibilities of victims, internal training

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