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Reporting Identity Theft


Doing the right things early on can save a lot of trouble as you recover your stolen identity.

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Training Cuts Risk and Cost

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Mac McMillan checks in with some advice to business owners and executives... especially the execs. If your network is open to the internet, a phishing scam can penetrate where a security guard can't patrol. Every IT security expert will tell you the greatest threat to network security is the users themselves. They are the ones on the inside, handling your data.

Isn't it a good idea to make sure they're trained to recognize (and more importantly, not respond to) phishing attacks?

Keeping an Eye on Your Identity

Monday March 31, 2014

There is no 100% guaranteed fool-proof way to knowing if you might be a victim of identity theft, but there are some key things you can keep an eye out for that can tip you off.

(I promise, none of them have anything to do with Ouija boards.)

So, You Want to Fix Your Identity...

Monday March 31, 2014

Well, if you're wanting to fix your identity because you have been a victim of identity theft, there are a couple of steps you're going to have to take. (Yelling and hollering doesn't seem to help much, but it does seem to be the first step most identity theft victims take.) But once you've done that, you'll want to report the identity theft to the FTC and get a Fraud Affidavit... this is pretty much a universal step in the long road to recovery.

Keeping Tabs on Your Identity

Monday March 31, 2014

Sure, you can wait to find out at tax time whether or not you're a victim of social security identity theft (specifically employment fraud or tax fraud), but there are ways you can figure that out beforehand - if you know what you're looking for.

Of course, most of them have to do with letters coming from the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service, so they're pretty much a dead giveaway... "Oh, look, honey! We got a letter from the IRS! Wait... I'll read it... OH! We owe them $1.38 million in back taxes - for all those jobs we worked in Iowa, Mississippi, New York, Arizona, Michigan, Florida and Colorado."

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