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Reporting Identity Theft


Doing the right things early on can save a lot of trouble as you recover your stolen identity.

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What is Driver's License Identity Theft?

If an identity thief manages to get his or her hands on your driver's license, chances are good you'll be in for a very rough ride.

What is Child Identity Theft?

Identity thieves know if they can get a child's social security number they can use it for a very long time before it gets discovered.

SCOTUS - "Warrantless Cell Phone Searches are Illegal"

Police officers across the country will need to start getting search warrants before prying into your cell phone according to the US Supreme Court.

Identity Theft/Tax Fraud

Mac McMillan wades into the identity theft/tax fraud issue after helping some high-profile clients deal with the issue.

What is Criminal Identity Theft?

If you believe you don't have to worry about the police unless you commit a crime, you don't know about criminal identity theft yet... and you probably should.

What is Medical Identity Theft?

Medical identity theft is possibly the scariest type of identity theft, because of the possibility of getting someone else's information in your medical file.

What is Social Security Identity Theft?

Social security identity theft can be far more difficult to fix than if you just have a credit card stolen, by dragging the government into the equation.

What is Financial Identity Theft?

Financial identity theft only represents about 1-in-5 cases of reported identity theft, but it's the first thing that comes to mind when we hear those words.

New Obamacare Privacy Regulations

New data privacy regulations written into Obamacare will have a deep impact on Health Information Exchanges, insurance companies, and healthcare companies.

Business Alert: Hefty Fines for Small Breaches

Keep in mind that HIPAA regulations don't just apply to medical organizations, they apply to any company that holds on to health information.

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